Thursday, May 26, 2011

UHF Repeater Frequency and Phone Patch Changed

This last weekend we changed the frequency of the Black Rock Amateur Radio Association's UHF repeater that covers the playa. We also made a minor change to how the "911" phone patch is activated. Details:

Frequency change:

Old: 444.175 MHz (+), PL 100.0 Hz

New: 440.175 MHz (+), PL 100.0 Hz

In other words, only the frequency has changed, the offset and PL remain the same.

If you have our old frequency programmed into your radio, please reprogram it.

Phone patch access:

To activate the phone patch, you now have to key up and dial "*911" (you didn't need the "*" before). To end a phone patch call, key up and dial "*73" (again, the "*" is new). For more information, please see our phone patch instructions.

Oh, one other thing: the IRLP node (7249) that was part of the UHF repeater is currently down as a consequence of these changes. We hope to have it up in the next week or so.

These changes were part of an upgrade that should give us a bunch of exciting new capabilities. Stay tuned for details.

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